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Seeking. Reaching. Developing. Sending Forth.™
Our mission is first and foremost, to reach out and to minister within. We are sacrificially committed to exposing to the unchurched, Jesus’ ability to transform lives. We seek to match people’s needs with Kingdom solutions.

Our Method

We approach life from a real perspective. We believe that God’s word has real answers for real issues. His word tells us that we don’t have, because we don’t ask. So we seek God’s direction and listen for His voice in everything we do. We can’t be all things to all people, but we can strive to be the best at what we’re equipped to do. We’re equipped to lead people to Christ, offer a meaningful pathway to spiritual growth, and demonstrate how the power of true worship can transform your life.

Our Responsibility

The Bible tells us that the Kingdom of God is within all believers. This means we have a responsibility.  That responsibility is to become a vivid reflection of Jesus.  Therefore, we must take advantage of the opportunities to develop the Kingdom within us, recognizing this to be our primary source of power and authority. 

As a church we must be:

  1. Spirit filled, representatives of a living word
  2. vibrant, lively, and, participatory in our praise & worship
  3. sensitive to real ministry needs within the body
  4. purposeful in our planning of developing God’s people
  5. genuine in our friendships and associations
Our Motivation

Service!  We have been called to serve.  We serve with a passion and we serve with a strategy.  We always ask this question of ourselves; are we continuing to build meaningful relationships on the outside while strengthening relationships on the inside?  Are we, reaching out and ministering within? 


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